We stand with the people of the black community and the fight against racism and discrimination in all its forms

We are deeply shocked and saddened by the loss of life and the heartache of the last few days.


We stand with the people of the black community and the fight against racism and discrimination in all its forms. We support all of those engaged in the nonviolent pursuit of equal justice and equal opportunity. We are committed to equality, and we will not stay quiet. We must do better as a society. We must do better as an industry. We are fortunate, and with that comes responsibility. EIP is determined to be part of the solution through our actions, not only our words.


The connective and transformative nature of our platform is one of our key attributes and, going forward, we will strive harder to leverage our resources for a more equitable and just world. We are working on identifying solutions that we can share across our portfolio companies and our investor base. We will endeavor to do our part to build a better future based on a foundation of diversity, equality, and inclusion.


Contact us at elevate@energyimpactpartners.com with any questions, comments, or thoughts that you have, as we continue to strive to understand the problems and the solutions more deeply.


The EIP team



Our impact mission is to help transform the energy industry into a 100% clean, resilient, and customer-friendly ecosystem

We believe that following sound ESG practices leads directly to capturing opportunities and mitigating risks that drive long-term value to EIP’s portfolio and enhances the risk-adjusted performance of our investments.



As a PRI signatory, EIP has committed to:

  • Incorporate ESG themes in investment analyses and decision-making processes,
  • Be active owners and incorporate ESG themes in its exercise of ownership,
  • Work toward satisfactory reporting of ESG themes from the companies which EIP has invested in,
  • Cooperate to ensure an efficient implementation of these principles; and
  • Report on its activities and implementation of said principles.


EIP’s ESG policy applies generally to all categories of investments made by EIP across its North American, European, Venture, Growth, Credit and Infrastructure investment vehicles.


To measure our portfolio’s ESG performance and impact we have prepared our first annual Environmental Metrics Report 2018.


             EIP Portfolio Cumulative Lifetime Carbon Savings by Company


In 2018, EIP’s investments helped enabled the savings of:

    • 772,000 metric tons of C02-equivalent;
    • 1.1 million megawatt-hours of electricity;
    • 23 million gallons of gasoline;
    • 470 metric tons of nitrogen oxides;
    • 500 metric tons of sulphur dioxide; and
    • 660 million gallons of freshwater 

 To learn more about our impact measurement approach and computations, click to download full report