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we seek to invest for immediate carbon reductions, accelerate the zero carbon journey of our industrial partners, and set new standards on ESG measurement and reporting.



EIP 2020 Portfolio Measured Impacts


2020 Reporting Portfolio ESG Highlights

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see some impact examples from our portfolio

Founded in 2014, Arcadia is a nationwide clean energy platform with one simple mission — to promote clean, renewable power across the United States.
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ecobee provides elegantly designed, wifi-enabled smart thermostats and light switches for residential homes and commercial workplaces engineered to maximize comfort and savings without comprising your lifestyle.
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Enchanted Rock, founded in 2006, develops, builds, owns and operates cost effective microgrids that help large commercial and industrial customers manage physical and financial risk associated with electricity. Leveraging a proprietary natural gas genset design, the company has deployed over 200MW of customer microgrids to-date.
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eSmart is a Norwegian provider of AI-based analytics for infrastructure inspection and asset health monitoring.
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Innowatts is a leading provider of meter-level predictive analytics for load forecasting, risk management, and customer engagement.
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Mosaic is the nation's leading residential clean energy lending platform, offering financing for solar and home improvements in the modern, energy-conscious home.
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Opus One Solutions is a software engineering and solutions company with the vision of a Connected Distributed Energy Network. Through GridOS®, its intelligent energy networking platform, Opus One optimizes complex power flows so that it can deliver real-time energy management to distribution utilities and other managers of distributed energy assets. GridOS is modular, scalable, and integrates seamlessly with existing data systems to unlock greater potential for distributed energy resources, including renewable generation, energy storage, and responsive demand. GridOS also facilitates the management of microgrids — from homes to businesses to communities — for unparalleled grid resiliency and value to the electricity customer.
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Sense Labs, Inc., founded in 2013, provides home intelligence through
non-intrusive load disaggregation technology. Using its hardware and
machine-learning cloud software, Sense delivers customers detailed,
real-time information about their homes through a consumer app. The
Boston-based company, led by a successful entrepreneur, has developed
leading technology that could be valuable in numerous, large markets
(energy, insurance, smart home, electronics, etc.).
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SparkFund, founded in 2013 and based in Washington, D.C., is an origination and financing platform to offer customers energy efficiency equipment through the “as a service” mode of sale. Specializing in LED retrofit offerings and targeting the less efficient small and medium-sized C&I sector, the company combines its specialized fund management engine, front-end integration software, and capital provider relationships to offer leading ESCO and REP channel partners a powerful sales and conversion tool for energy efficiency products.
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Urbint solves complex infrastructure issues for utilities by applying artificial intelligence to service territory data.
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Viriciti provides the leading monitoring solution that optimizes the operation and performance of electric bus and truck fleets. Their cloud-based telematics platform enables transportation operators to gain critical real-time visibility into their fleet, drive more electric miles, reduce operational costs, understand driver behavior, and predict and respond to issues and outages. They also provide solutions for mixed electric and diesel fleets, as well as smart charging and charge station monitoring.
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we are committed to  setting standards on ESG reporting, transparency and measurement.


we encourage accountability and transparency of our ESG and impact principles. we are a signatory to the UNPRI.  we are a member of the Initiative Climate International (iCl), a subgroup of UNPRI specifically formed to work on reducing carbon emissions of private equity-backed companies and securing sustainable investment performance by recognizing and incorporating the materiality of climate risk. we are a supporter of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) as we believe the TCFD recommendations provide a useful framework for increasing transparency on climate-related risks and opportunities within financial markets.

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