leading on impact is in our DNA


we seek to invest in innovations that will drive systemic change and accelerate the energy transition.


our fifth consecutive impact report, 2023 Impact & ESG Performance Report, dives into our carbon impact, investment themes, and the ways in which we accelerate the zero carbon journey’s of our industrial partners.2022 EIP Carbon Savings EnabledEIP's Enabled Carbon Savings Far Exceed its Footprint16 EIP Working Group in 2022

2022 Impact & ESG Performance Report

2021 Impact & ESG Performance Report
2020 Impact & ESG Performance Report

our white paper, Know Your Impact: Our Approach to Emissions Reductions Measurement, explains how we invest in climate innovations that provide both high financial returns and high reductions in carbon emissions.


see our Technical Appendix and TCFD disclosure.


the portfolio companies shown below have been selected as a representative example of certain ESG or impact related projects, activities and/or ventures

Rondo Energy is developing thermal storage technology for industrial heat electrification and decarbonization.
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ESG Book is a global leader in sustainability data and technology. Incubated by Arabesque in 2018, ESG Book combines cutting-edge technology and proprietary research. ESG Book’s wide range of cloud-based sustainability products and solutions are used by many of the world’s leading financial organisations. The company has offices in London, Frankfurt, Boston, Singapore, Delhi and Tokyo and serves clients worldwide from offices in Asia, Europe and North America.
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The Rheaply platform is a cloud-based resource exchange technology application for connecting people and organizations with resources, improving reuse outcomes, and catalyzing the circular economy. As the only market solution that combines an asset management system with an online marketplace, Rheaply’s platform enables organizations to exchange materials and resources more effectively, eliminating unnecessary waste, avoiding carbon emissions, and reducing spend.
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Hippo Harvest is building a robotics-enabled, next generation greenhouse company leveraging off-the-shelf robotics, sensors and hydroponic growing systems to deliver indoor grown produce at competitive prices to outdoor farms.
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we are committed to  setting standards on ESG reporting, transparency and measurement



we encourage accountability and transparency of our ESG and impact principles. we are a signatory to the UNPRI.  we are a member of the Initiative Climate International (iCl), a subgroup of UNPRI specifically formed to work on reducing carbon emissions of private equity-backed companies and securing sustainable investment performance by recognizing and incorporating the materiality of climate risk. we are a supporter of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) as we believe the TCFD recommendations provide a useful framework for increasing transparency on climate-related risks and opportunities within financial markets.

learn more about our ESG policy HERE.


Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR)
Regulation (EU) 2020/852, approved by the European Parliament and the Council on June 18, 2020, establishes a framework called the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). this European directive’s primary objective is to enhance transparency in sustainable investments and provide comprehensive information about sustainability risks to investors. it imposes requirements on fund managers to disclose sustainability-related information to their end-investors at every stage of the investment process. you can find more details about this regulation on the European Commission website.

For Energy Impact Partners’ relevant disclosures, please email impact@energyimpactpartners.com.